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As an expert in the foodservice and retail  industry, C. B. Stone & Associates is a consulting firm with more than three decades of experience. We provide services in wholesale retail and foodservice logistics , manufacturing, mergers and acquisitions, wholesaling delivery and self-service models .Our retailing work also focuses on restaurant and hotel with focus on franchise and Independent models.

Specializing in cash-and-carry food service and delivery models , C. B. Stone & Associates offers creative solutions for those in the hospitality industry. To increase your revenue, we offer strategic guidance for food, beverage  and all departments from fresh produce to centre of the plate . We achieve success for our clients in many other ways including:

  • We build great teams with great people.

  • We research the strengths and weaknesses of potential synergistic businesses and execute the corresponding merger or acquisition, with an emphasis on the deals being win-win for both parties.

  • We assist our clients with new business start-ups and new category market penetration.

  • We implement profitability strategies through the execution of cost reduction programs and the development of new revenue opportunities and market segments.

  • We implement accountability and measurement programs to maximize profitability and motivate employees to deliver on their company's financial goals.

Are you a baby-boomer business owner interested in increasing your profits? Are you an entrepreneur looking for the right franchise to create wealth? Are you a company that wants a exit strategy ?

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