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BEFORE YOU INVEST $ 200,000 to 2 Million...

Schedule an appointment with Calvin B Stone

and ask all your questions for one hour!

My consulting services help you evaluate the following:

Is the franchise I am looking at right for me?

Is it a fair franchise where the franchisee can
make money?

What and Where are the pitfalls?


Why work with me?

My background in hospitality includes being an owner/operator of my own restaurants as well as my own Hotel. I have also owned and operated 3 franchises. And I have experience in finance, procurement, logistics, marketing and selling in the Food and Hospitality Marketplace.

I know the pitfalls - as I have seen and felt the hurt of losing my investment money but told I was a top franchise operator. I have done very well as a independent business owner.

Would you invest $200 for one hour to ensure you are doing the right decision in investing your life savings?

ONE HOUR - $ 200
A DAY OF 8 HOURS - $ 1,000



  • An in-depth analysis of the franchise and the franchisor. 

  • What is the up front cost?

  • Royalties

  • Hidden Fee’s and cost.

  • Business Model: Having a manager run for you? Is the business something you want to operate vs .marketing and advertising

  • How much support from the franchisor investment?

  • How soon can you get a return on your Lease?

  • Training


Call today to learn more: 602-369-3589!

What Our Clients Say

Calvin Stone helps us sell more product and advises us on what our pricing should be, specializes in procurement and how to take costs down and most of all does this while helping us grow into new markets and shows us what products we have have the ability to grow the fastest .

Earnst Boehner
Owner Persimmon Hill Farms

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