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Mergers & Acquisitions


I can help you sell your business! 

​Are any of these questions familiar?

How do you leverage your buyer so you get the proper value?

Should I leave or stay with the new company buying my company?

For how long?

Bring all these questions to me!

My Fee for Questions?

  • One hour: $ 200

  • One day: $ 1,000


Why work with me?

  • I have owned my own companies and I have helped families buy and sell the companies. 

  • I have sold family companies to large corporations .

  • I know what is needed to show your “enterprise value” of your family company you own.

  • And I know what the buyer is looking to pay!

My largest sale of a family was 40 million. They wanted minimum 25 million.

My smallest sale for family was 2 million. They wanted minimum of 1 million.

Call today to learn more: 602-369-3589!

What is my commission to sell your family business?

mergers and acquisition

We would determine that based on what enterprise value of your business is and many factors which include real estate value, asset value , earnings before interest taxes and depreciation and amortization.

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